What is Thin Content and How to Refrain Ourselves From Being Penalized

What is Thin Content and How to Refrain Ourselves From Being Penalized

Do you feel anxious by thinking of these questions?

  • What is thin content in SEO
  • How to find thin content
  • How thin content can impact my search ranking
  • Will Google panelize my website due to thin content
  • Is there any tool to check thin content
  • If yes then start reading.


The thought about thin content continuously stirring in our brain and it’s playing a criminal role to distract us from our path to success. You need to find the ways to cure this problem, instead to be concerned because, until you don’t alleviate the problem till then it won’t stop following you. Now Google thoroughly examines every website layer-by-layer and website does not rank up until it would not be fit into all search ranking algorithm parameters. Well written content holds a very important place and it’s a part of the things that are the most important for a website to rank well in Google search.

How to explain it

Well, it is a factor that cannot be explained with a single fact so you’ve to research cleverly on each fact because lots of small holes can take the form of a large ditch and thereafter, it requires hard effort to get ourselves out from that ditch so it’s better to get everything done nicely from the scratch.

What I think

Look, It’s a little hard to explain the purest definition of thin content (According to me, not sure what other think), but I will apprise you of all the measures through which you can free yourself from Google penalty but you should read this entire article carefully because a small mistake can undo all the hard work you’ve done.

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According to my experience

I have been working in internet marketing field for almost 6 years and in my early years the topic about low quality content wasn’t so much important for the peoples or webmasters. But when Google was landed with its new algorithm update called “PANDA” thereafter he blew everyone and since then its recognition has increased that much.

Approximately 4 years ago, I got a project which was roughly plagued by Panda affect and it was so surprising that the website had 3,000 pages with some good content and I was totally surprised by seeing such predicament of the website but when I get it completely analyze then I found fault with the website and the faults were;

  • Broken links
  • Auto-generated Pages
  • Low quality posts
  • Duplicate pages
  • Duplicate and low quality meta tags

I’m showing these components so that you could get a better idea of your mistakes if you’re doing the same. However, it was not easy to do work with this sort of dilemma but even I started working with perseverance and I began to get the result after 3 months and after 6 months the website fully returned back to its place.

Tips about low quality or thin content

Auto-generated content: This is not possible in ordinary HTML website but nowadays the dynamic websites are being used mostly and some scripts are capable in creating auto-generated pages, which becomes eligible to get your website condemned by Google. So beware, before the punishment from search engines.

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If you use WordPress blogging platform then take help of these articles.

  • Top 15 WordPress SEO Tips and Tricks to Use
  • Best Practice to do with WordPress After Installing

Otherwise, check your website for this issue and contact web developer immediately.

Doorway pages: Worst seo techniques have already been used indiscriminately and some people are still using it unconsciously. Doorway page usually contains multiple keyword anchor text that which pushes your website towards penalty risk from Google.

Things to remember

  • Never use same anchor text multiple times on the same page.
  • Stay away from this black hat technique as far as possible.
  • Too much keyword stuffing can also make your web page countable as a doorway page.

Look, such techniques neither will help you nor give you advantage, so why do waste precious time on garbage, meanwhileyou can spend time on awesome content writing.

Content from other sources or Scraped content: In some circumstances, we sometimes use the articles which were published by other website and without doing anything new we do publish the same article in the status quo on the new blog post. It is a huge example of low quality content and also indicates as a duplicate content and that is enough to secure a conviction from Google.

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Things to keep in mind

  • If you intend to use someone else’s articles, so always be sure to use it along with unique content then you might be untouched by the outbreak of Google panda.
  • Lyrics websites are also the great example of this because you cannot change the lyrics but the way of presenting can be changed.

Low-quality blog posts: Look, in our blog we want more and more posts to be published and for that reason we do forget about quality. See if there’s a lack of words (less than 300 words) then isn’t a matter of concern, but if you’ll write anything ludicrously then you’re definitely in danger.

Points to be noted

  • Fewer words can’t reflect quality of blog post, even article of 250 words can be ranked well in search engines.
  • By reducing the use of main keywords that usually containing one or two words, start to focus more on long tail keywords so you can avoid keyword stuffing.

Thin affiliate sites: Without earning website isn’t easy to handle and for this we resorted to the affiliate (A kind of money making strategy). But some of us are full of laziness and we do use the same affiliate products information as we got on source of product and Google PANDA doesn’t forgive such mistakes at all.

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