Top Paying Keywords Planner by Adsense

Top Paying Keywords Planner by Adsense

Top paying keywords planner and how they are used on your site is, without a doubt, a crucial element of any effective SEO campaign. The best keywords for whatever it is you are trying to market, need to be identified and then used appropriately. This is true whether the campaign is for organic traffic or an Adwords campaign, or indeed a mixture of the two types of traffic.

I would hazard a guess that there are countless individuals, some newbies and some quite experienced, and indeed many companies, simply using the wrong keywords planner or at least keywords which are not the top paying keywords planner, to promote their website and as a result they are losing significant traffic flow and hence losing business. So just exactly what is a top paying keyword? In a nutshell, it is one which maximises the profit you get from the website for your business.

Some sites may have rankings in the top two or three for their particular keyword phrases. Obviously, however, this does not mean a large number of people will visit their site. Their keywords planner and keyword phrases may be quite obscure and not see a great deal of search traffic. This could, of course, be a deliberate ploy, especially if the main players occupying the first page of a Google search would be difficult to remove. In this case, the best and top paying keywords planner may have relatively few searches but the audience is easier to capture. In many cases though this happens more by accident rather than design.

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On the other hand, a site, which once again has a good ranking position, may be subject to a large number of potential viewers and indeed may even attract a good number of hits. If the top paying keywords planner have not been used, however, all the traffic in the world will not result in sales. Put simply the keywords planner could have attracted the wrong people to the site and so they are not profitable keywords. Either people were attracted but were not looking to spend money or more likely they were searching for something completely different or something which had rather tenuous links to the site in question.

Let’s consider a very simple example to demonstrate the point.

A person has set up a website and has achieved decent rankings for keyword phrases “Lakeside Views ” and ” Sanctuary Field . Well, what do you think the website in question was trying to sell? It is almost impossible to tell from the phrases above. The person was actually trying to attract customers to take a vacation at a holiday cottage they owned. Using the keyword phrases given previously they actually attracted many hits which the person was very pleased with. What they were not so pleased with was the number of actual customers generated from the website. It’s not hard to see why, is it? Put simply they were not the best keywords to use and hence not the top paying keywords.

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If you stop to think about it, just how many of those visitors would actually be looking to rent a holiday cottage? Not many I would guess. The keyword phrases are far too general and would have attracted a good number of site visitors who had no interest in a vacation at a holiday cottage. Using the phrase” Lakeside Views” in the body text of the site, the META tags and indeed, the domain name was not a logical choice for anyone searching to find a holiday cottage to rent.

Now obviously, the countryside tranquility and the views of a lake would be major selling points that should be addressed when people have been attracted to the site, first and foremost, however, people who are looking for a holiday cottage need to be attracted. Therefore the keyword phrase “holiday cottage” could well be a far more important keyword phrase to use. Isn’t common sense it?

The example given above was perhaps oversimplification that was done so to demonstrate a point. Many sites do have more relevant keyword phrases than the quoted example but choosing the best keywords is not intuitive to many and could be improved upon quite significantly if the keywords were studied carefully.

You would be surprised how often common sense goes out the window when it comes to locating the top paying keywords. Individuals and companies alike, too often get drawn into how ‘ good’ they think a certain keyword phrase or domain name sounds and neglect to think about how effective it is in attracting the right type of visitors to their site. In other words, they most certainly are not using the top paying keywords for their business.

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So when you choose keywords and keyword phrases for your site Pantai Hits di Malang, make sure that they describe your product or service in the most clear, precise and specific way possible. If done well, the number of targeted visitors will increase and as long as the website does its job, the number of subscribers will also increase dramatically. You can expect to attract some lucrative profits if you have done your due diligence and have used the highest paying keywords.

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