7 On-Page SEO Techniques Which Can Boost Your Organic Rankings

7 On-Page SEO Techniques Which Can Boost Your Organic Rankings

On-page SEO is one of the most impactful and important processes to achieve higher rankings on any search engine. Moreover, it is basically the first building step to run a successful SEO campaign. If your website is not at all focused on SEO and its techniques, then you are surely following the wrong leads. To get some valuable traffic for your website, you must follow some ground rules of SEO. In this case, they are on-page SEO techniques. Maintain your content using those techniques and you will see the difference in rankings. Here are some of the On-page SEO techniques which can boost your organic rankings

1. Content Quality

Whatever you post, it must be pure gold. No plagiarism and no copied content whatsoever! It is said that a website with brilliant content can reach high with or without SEO. And, a website with polished content can be even better with the help of SEO. Try to publish resourceful content which can be researched. Try to post content as soon as possible- be the first one to post like if you are running any Coupon website then you have to update the latest Coupon and deals every day. These things help a lot in boosting your on-page SEO.

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2. Page Titles and Meta Description

Get over those old, grumpy and boring blog titles. Make them compelling and catchy which attract the audience in the first go only. If you are having a catchy title but boring meta description, you won’t get any clicks. So, try to make meta descriptions compelling too which can give you some clicks and traffic. These two are the major factors and the front face of your blog which if you fail to entertain the audience, your content will become a flop.

3. Page Loading Speed

Don’t have a webpage consisting chunk of CSS and JavaScript underneath the hood. It will slow down your website. And, nobody likes to ponder in the slow websites. Audience need websites which load fast and keep them updates. So, try to minimize your CSS and Javascript code snippets which will boost your page loading speed. You can also make an AMP version of your website which loads the pages lightning fast with no ads or external javascript.

4. Get loads of comments

One of the best ways to get on top of the search rankings of Google is to get loads of comments on your blog post. If people are liking it and leaving comments on the post after reading it, then it is a win-win situation for you. As a blogger, you might struggle to get them. But, ask your family, friends, and colleagues to comment on your posts, it will surely help you in a big way.

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5. Internal Linking

Try to keep your related articles linked with each other. This is known as internal linking. It will help Google to crawl the website fast. And, if a user who is reading one blog post of your website and find something related to that same blog post, the chances of going to the linked post get quite high for example If you the one in e-commerce business then you each products page should be linked with its offers section like Samsung Mobile should be linked with Mobile Phone Offer page. It helps in reducing the bounce rate and give you more visitors.

6. Image optimization and alt tags

Don’t forget to use optimized images in your content! Images with huge size take time to load and if they don’t load, then there is no meaning to add them. These images slow down your page loading speed too. So, try to put optimized images in your content which do not hamper the loading speed. Along with that, always fill appropriate Alt Tags of the images. These things really matter in the scenario of SEO boost and getting on top of the search results.

7. Give influential headings

Your article title has an H1 heading and the first main heading in the article has an H2. If you want to add another heading in the H2 heading, you must provide it in H3. This is how headings and formatting work in well-organized content like the example from this site Tempat Wisata di Lampung and rich in SEO. It is a best practice to add keywords in sub-headings. Making those headers bold or keywords bold is another major factor that plays a major role in improving SEO.

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