How to Write Better Blog Post

How to Write Better Blog Post

How to Write Blog Post?

To say blog is popular but the well written post is the largest contributor to make blog famous and there are many milestones in the way of blogging and each path has its own importance but the success may only be achieved when everything will be done appropriately. Whether small or large you should work in controlled manner for everything only then you can navigate your blog towards better direction. There are many such conditions when our morale breaks normally; there are some facts to distract us like

  • What should be the title of the blog post
  • How to present the post
  • How to increase page views of blog
  • how to write blog post titles
  • how to write a blog article for seo
  • how long should a blog post be for seo
  • How to find perfect niche for your blog

At first, you must get rid of these dilemmas and then need to think carefully about what is more appropriate for you. Avoid such components which is fatal for your blog such as excessive use of keywords because neither it’s better for seo as well as it may terminate the excitement of reading articles within visitors. In the initial stage of blogging you must focus over the long tail keywords as they will get you ranked quickly in the major search engines, like large part of the eager blogger traffic comes from long tail keywords.

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On the internet people want to read or watch everything increasingly and 75 percent are such people who aren’t paying attention to detailing rather prefer to read the points only, strange isn’t. In reality, there are very few people who have the enough time to read the complete article so if your article preferred such headings that boast the meaning of whole paragraph then of course it has advantageous.


Making of a good post is based on multiple factors however, if you’re paying attention intelligibly onto every single detail then its set to be that you’ll get the better blog post. Most common techniques are:

  • Title should be killer: Creation of an eye catchy title will be the most important to you and great title determines the click through rate of your blog.
  • Categorization is important: Serving all methods in a single body or paragraph isn’t a smart technique so it’s better to categorize all the facts into pieces and because of it visitors can focus only on the issue which is truly needed for them.
  • Impressive length: look, you can keep it short or keep it long either but it entirely depends on the topic, if you have more information to combine into article then you must add it but if you’ve lack of some knowledge then just abandon it as It’s not necessary to write long article only.
  • Must have an final lines: Through this is easier to write the conclusion of your blog post as well as visitors will get a better understanding of your article
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Introduction: To provide a better way to your content, good intro part is much needed as through it you can better imply about your content motive and readers will agitated so much for the love of article reading and one advantage is that you get a chance to add some extra word within your content.

Proofreading: These days search engines (Google) have their own mind so they can easily sense poorly written content and on the other hand it degrades blog reputation in front of your readers. If you are a grammar geek then you can examine by yourself otherwise, it’s necessary to consult a grammar expert. Before publishing any article must read at least twice to ensure that everything is better ready to serving

According to users: Before start writing it’s also important for you to know that for what people are actually hungry to read, this will help in getting your blog post viral easily and naturally as more people will love to share on social media and link it with their blog.

Must be interesting: Your article must have the ability to maintain the interest of readers as it is important link to get readers repeatedly drawn to your blog otherwise, they will feel like a burden to read article so don’t let this happen to your precious readers.

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Proper use of images/ visual appearance: Best appearance is as essential as awesome wetting. You can choose the photos according to the blog post topic to add some extra beauty in your blog post. Properly assigned heading also creates stunning impression.

Linking: It is very commendable as there are many beneficial properties present in this thing. First, linking the biggest contributor in the search rankings (read this article for best blogging SEO tips) and other is people can easily find related articles, which make them curious to read more.

Way of explaining: Any story looks more awesome when someone explains it so therefore, you must write your article in the way like you’re narrating it. Use I or You in the content wherever possible because of this it appears that you are deemed by yourself.

Keep it in control: Don’t let your article flow directionless because have occasionally been observed that we just continue to write content for increasing the length and because of it we don’t even bother ourselves to know our article is straying from the topic.

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