Google Ads Free Keyword Selector Tool

Google Ads Free Keyword Selector Tool

The Google Ads free keyword selector tool is usually the first tool that internet marketers get to grips with when starting to build websites and it’s hardly surprising because it ‘s very good. It could also be due to the fact that it is the tool that is at the top of the rankings when typing in the search on the homepage, Google of course!

Some internet marketers are totally oblivious to the fact that there are other keyword selector tools available, many because they are quite happy with its performance. But just exactly what does this particular keyword selector tool offer?

Well to begin with it starts off asking you how you would like to generate keyword ideas. By default it gives Descriptive words or phrases. This is the setting most users of the Google keyword tool usually start off with. You enter your keyword or phrase and up pops a couple of lists. Relevant keywords and phrases specific to the term entered are contained in the first list and the second list will be of additional but less closely matching relevant keywords and phrases that you may like to consider.

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Data will be presented showing initially the three main sets of information. Advertiser competition, local monthly search volume, and global monthly search volume. When embarking on a keyword campaign first view the global monthly search volume column.

Only you will be able to decide what sort of figures in this column makes the keywords an attractive proposition and this depends on upon what sort of campaign you are running. Check out the article on Top Paying Keywords for further thoughts on this.

Another information is available, however. If you choose the option to show all columns you will also get details about search volume trends for a 12 month period, estimated the cost per click for a Google Ads campaign and the estimated position for such an advert placed upon the quoted cost per click.

The default will give you the cost per click for an Adword position 1-3 if you change the figure in the cost per click column the estimated ad position will change accordingly. A helpful addition for an Adword campaign and one which sees many marketers using the free Google keyword tool, even if it is in conjunction with another tool.

As well as this there are a few other useful tools available. For example, you can find relevant keywords based upon your site content rather than the “Descriptive words or phrases” option referred to earlier. By entering your URL the Adwords system scans your page and suggests relevant keywords.

There is an option to identify negative words or phrases you don’t want to be shown.This thereby ensures a more narrowly defined set of keyword suggestions that suits your needs.

By default, a broad search is set by the Google keyword tool for the keywords or phrases you enter initially. You are able to change this setting to a more specific search if you so wish when trying to narrow down the keywords you select.

If you want more in-depth ideas Google then could offer you the Search-based Keyword tool which basically displays a list of relevant user queries that have occurred on Google based on your URL.

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  • Google’s keyword tool is absolutely free
  • You get a significant amount of relevant keyword data
  • The keyword selector tool is quite intuitive to use
  • Clear instructions and guidance if you are unsure.
  • Google’s free keyword tool is an excellent keyword selector tool to use with an AdWords campaign


  • Data supplied is from Google search engines only
  • Data about potential competitors is very limited
  • For some keyword phrases, not enough data is available to give feedback
  • The tool is designed specifically to help with an AdWords campaign. This may or may not be what you want.

The verdict on the Google free keyword selector tool: an excellent starting point for your keyword campaign

Google obviously want you to use the Google free keyword tool in conjunction with Google Ads. Hence, they have made it relatively quick and easy to use with clear guidance if you need it. It’s also completely free which is a major plus.

If you are a novice at keyword research then I suggest Google’s free keyword tool is an ideal starting place to cut your teeth. It’s obviously very useful if you are conducting an Adwords campaign.

For the more experienced I’d suggest it is rather limited, however. You may need to know more, for example, about the competition that you will be facing when you set up your website based on the relevant keywords. It would also be useful to know what is going on with other search engines such as Yahoo or Bing(MSN).

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In short many marketers see the worth of using the free Google keyword tool. Worth checking out as a beginner or used in conjunction with one or more of the other keyword selector tools mentioned on this site.

If so please leave a comment below. Be constructive if you can whether you swear by the tool or loathe it. I’d really like to hear your opinions. thanks in advance for your contributions.