How Businesses and Organizations Can Use Twitter to Promote Themselves?

How Businesses and Organizations Can Use Twitter to Promote Themselves?

Twitter is a kind of social networking and micro-blogging service. Its users can post content of their choice as well as interact with other people. The messages on Twitter are named as “Tweets”.

Twitter was founded by Biz Stone, Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, and Noah Glass. It was introduced on the 21st of March, 2006 in San Francisco, California, United States.

If you are a business person then you should not overlook Twitter. It looks minimalist but has great features in it for the business community. Twitter can be a powerful and fast way to convey important messages about your brand, sales or to offer coupons or just to connect with your audience. Click here for more details about twitter.


Over the past few decades, the Twitter business world has changed dramatically. Technology has remarkably taken over in many fields since the 1980s now businesses can be handled at the comfort of your home; you just need to have internet and a device like pc, Laptop, or smartphone.

If you want to build your business and evaluate your performance you should take the time to develop a business plan on Twitter to expand your business on the social networking platform.

There are some amazing tips; I have gathered which will be useful for business and organizations to promote their businesses.

  • You can micro-twitter your business.
  • Be selective while tweeting on your business page.
  • Keep updating your customers with your business information.
  • Break the distance corporate image.
  • Generate traffic for your website.
  • Keep eyes on the latest trends.
  • Strengthen the relationship with the local community.
  • A cost-effective way to reach your customers.
  • Better marketing of your business.
  • Try to provide the expertise of your business.
  • Be quick to respond to messages or queries.
  • Show the personality of your brand.
  • Gain worldwide exposures.


There are many businesses that can be handled by a single Twitter account but if yours is highly Diversified then you should Micro-Twitter.

Micro-Twitter means having multiple accounts of your business which can be used for Conveying messages of your business because Twitter itself is a micro-blogging website and

People here prefer short tweets rather long tweets.

But do not make more than 3 accounts because every account that you make needs to be

Monitored and active. So you must not make excessive accounts.


Though it is not possible to bloviate on Twitter because it gives you limited characters to write your tweets but it is very important to sound relevant rather writing things your audience will not take interest in.

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Your followers do not care if your photocopier stops working or your employees are having off-days. Customers will be interested to know if you are offering 20% off, for maybe only walk-in customers. Or you are having a giveaway going-on at your store. Always make sure to be careful while tweeting on your business account because one tweet can gain you or take away followers from you. That is why you need to be précised as well as sound interesting in your tweets.


You must update your potential and existing customers with information about your business

Like offers. By doing this you will get enormous benefit over your toughest competitors who may not be aware of the impact Twitter can have on customers. You can search for conversations of people that are related to your business and respond to the customer’ s feedback. This will help you in managing and controlling your customer service better.


Your marketing efforts will be worthless if you fail to make your business goals and values clear to your audience, no matter how hard you try. In this manner, Twitter will be helpful to you by giving you different opportunities to show people the goals of your business and its values. You can chat with your customers and question their answers on a daily basis. Becoming closer to people will break the distance corporate image in your audience’ s

Minds and people will trust in your business more. This can be really effective in communication with your customers.


If you learn to use Twitter effectively, you will be able to catch your customer’ s attention and thus your website will receive huge traffic. You can announce sales or events on your Twitter account and give links to your website with your tweet. You can direct your audience to your website or your store to sign up, comment, or get more info regarding your brand. Try to tweet valuable offers because it will spread your tweets in no time.


Twitter is also a platform for marketing where new informative things are updated every day. If you take some time and search for content related to your industry or business, you will get dozens of links to different websites and blogs. This is one of the best ways of getting knowledge about the latest trends. You can even search for global as well as local trends on Twitter and get up-to-date information very easily. You can also search for your competitor’ s strategies and activities to get ideas. You can also avail the chance to collaborate with fellow business owners.

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Twitter has offered many beneficial opportunities both locally and globally. You can add

Locations to your tweet, no matter how small or large your business is. By adding your location you can make it well known by your audience. You can also share some useful information and offer a solution to social issues that reside in the local community. By doing all this effort, you will create awareness for your business. You can easily strengthen your relationship with locals by listening to them carefully.


For local or small business owners, Twitter can be really a cost-effective way to reach their audience. Twitter does not charge you for signing up; it does not even take extra charges for subscription etc. So your only expenses are your internet connection and your device. You can also send or receive messages on Twitter to your customers without spending any extra money in the name of services. Twitter also offers extra marketing tools for business at low or no cost.


You can target the audience with similar interest; it will be useful in targeting your potential customers. Through targeting, you will be able to build your own following and you can also develop a long-term relationship with the audience which can later lead to sales.


Twitter can also be used to establish expertise in your field, which is useful in building credibility. It can also lead you to gain clients or customers. For example, if you own a real estate business, you can tweet about brief tips on different areas like how recent changes in interest rates could impact on home sales, or how you should prepare your home for sale. You can also include the link to your website so people can get additional information from there.


You can get messages at any time of the day now it is your duty to respond back as quickly as possible. Customers who get late replies tend to dislike those businesses because they think that the owners might not be interested in accommodating their customers or they just do not care at all. This can go in negative for your business image. You must be active and be quick to respond to questions or any query that your customers want to know.

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Twitter has done an amazing job of assisting businesses in expanding the channels and to spread awareness about brands and to gain engagement. It can expose you to an international platform without even going out there. That is probably the main reason for Twitter’s popularity.

To promote your brand, you must showcase the personality of your brand; it can be the most important advantage of using a Twitter account for business. Brand information must be a part of every owner’s strategy, but on Twitter, you can improve your performance because of the higher interaction of the audience. If you’re Twitter starts snipping at your business, that is when you must use think of expanding the personality of your brand.


Twitter is very popular around the globe. It has opened doors for business with their great social media teams worldwide. By using Twitter and its useful features businesses can gain exposure to international markets that might be beyond their reach. Twitter has algorithms that lend themselves to viral sharing by positioning posts higher up on users’ feed.

The re-tweet option of Twitter has helped people gain millions of followers all over the world. It can multiply your reach in a short period.


Successful business owners know how Twitter can be used to make their place in the marketing world. Twitter can be useful to improve customer service, increase traffic to your offline store or website or to communicate more effectively with your customers. By using Twitter for business, you will able to target audience, connect with the local community and get knowledge about the latest trends. By using Twitter for business, you will able to target audience, connect with the local community and get knowledge about the latest trends. It will help you to grow more traffic on your website. You can also put the link of your website in your Twitter bio, linking your website can result in increasing popularity of your business.

Indeed Twitter has so many useful features, you can also see posts like Pantai Raja Ampat which we can’t cover in one article. By using the methods mentioned above I believe you will definitely be able to increase the audience on your page. Plus, you’ll be able to create a strong official presence on Twitter.

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